Why Australian native botanical skincare?

australia natural botanical skincare

Studies conducted by Australia’s leading universities have shown that Australian plants contain some of the highest antioxidants, vitamins, and mineral levels in the world. They also contain the blueprint for collagen production and vital enzymes which repair and restore the skin naturally.  

The natural beauty movement is changing the face of the beauty industry. Greater consumer awareness has lead to chemical filled cosmetics taking a back seat to natural beauty products that work with your skin rather than against it.

Consumers continue to see the benefits for not only for themselves but for the environment. With recent worldwide events, the Australian made movement has gained increased momentum, with Aussies keen to support Australian made local businesses and Australian made products. 

Indigenous Australians have used native plants for medicinal use for 80,000 years. Wild harvested plants have been soaked in water, roasted, boiled and used for bathing – to treat everyday ailments from sore throats to skin irritations and more.

Today, plants continue to be traditionally used whilst modern medicine and scientific research has developed extraction methods that keep plants’ bio-matrix intact, delivering the full plant profile as they exist in nature; stable and active over long periods of time. 

australian native botanical skincare

Meet Our Brands.

Rohr Remedy was founded thanks to the shared knowledge and skills of the Yulparitja women and men of Broome, Western Australia. They continue to collaborate with different Indigenous communities and small farmers who share their passion for sustainability and ethically sourced wild grown and organic ingredients. Rohr Remedy’s products contain highly concentrated Australian native extracts, achieved using a patented technique, that keeps 100% of the plant material. This means the key actives are supported to prevent any breakdown, which enables better absorption. Rohr Remedy have had their extracts tested one and two years after production, and the actives remain constant in concentration and efficiency.

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The Retreatment Botanics range took a team of advanced natural skin experts and scientists two years to create and perfect. The range harnesses the naturally powerful anti-ageing properties of Australian native extracts, filled with antioxidants, essential fatty acids and vitamins (in order to survive the harshest environmental conditions.) These extracts are captured through a special process known as Cellular Extraction™ technology, allowing all of the high concentrations of nutrients in botanicals to be extracted in their natural state for maximum benefits. Cellular Biomimicry™ then captures these ‘true to nature’ phyto-actives for inclusion in Retreatment Botanics products, resulting in ultra potent and active skin care containing super-high concentrations of vitamins and antioxidants. 

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native botanical skincare australia

Bush Medijina’s Warningakalina women use recipes passed down by their mothers, aunties and grandmothers to hand make their products. They harvest local bush produce and combine it with natural and sustainable Australian ingredients. By sharing their culture with others, they are preserving their traditions and knowledge for future generations. 

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Indigiearth source native Australian ingredients from Aboriginal communities who use traditional land management practices that respect the land. Wild harvesting where possible – raw native fruits, produce and materials are purchased from Aboriginal communities across the country.

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botanical skincare australia

Men’s Botanics has been designed for the health conscious, clean-living man, who wants to take care of his skin, without worrying about any harmful chemicals or synthetic ingredients. The range contains Australian native botanicals, natural ingredients and antioxidants that when combined, deliver nourishment to promote healthy skin while also protecting and restoring skin cells that may have been harmed from free radicals and environmental pollutants. Men’s Botanics is nature’s fuel for mens’ skin. 

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Australian native botanicals are the future of natural skincare. Suitable for every skin type and for the entire family, they nourish, rejuvenate and restore skin. We have carefully selected our premium quality brands based on their natural, organic and botanical ingredients, and their alignment with our love of Australian flora, health, wellness, environment and Australian made products.  

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Kalinya Botanicals

Having a deep connection to the Australian bush and our native flora, and a passion for premium quality skincare, we are thrilled to be bringing you Australia’s best native botanicals skincare products.

Australian native botanicals are recognised as powerful cosmeceuticals that refresh and nourish your skin. Our brands combine dermatological science with wild-harvested and organic ingredients, or traditionally foraged flora made by our beautiful indigenous partners. We have carefully selected like-minded brands that support our love of Australian flora, botanical ingredients, health, wellness, and our environment.

Our brands have blended Australian native plant botanical extracts with natural and organic ingredients, vegan friendly, cruelty free, natural ingredients and are free from added toxins and chemicals.

Beautifully packaged and made in Australia we adore our brands and all that they represent. 

We love that ancient formulas used by indigenous Australians, passed down over 60,000 years, combined with the latest scientific developments in modern cosmetics are now easily available and deliver proven results.

We are passionate about Australian flora, and want to share the benefits of Australian native botanicals and inspire you to make the change to, or further embrace Australian made natural skincare. Over the coming months, we will share with you our growing range which will include a dedicated Baby brand, Australian Native Essential Oils, Natural Perfumes and Botanical Wellness products.