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The Hakea Botanicals range of Australian essential oils and natural perfumes features Australian native classics like Eucalyptus and Lemon Myrtle, as well as some relatively newer essential oils; Nerolina, Rosalina and Honey Myrtle.

Born from a love of Australian flora, unique Bush fragrances and the beneficial properties of our native plants, the Hakea Botanicals range also includes beautiful blends like Bush Flowers, The Botanist and Revitalise – gorgeous complimentary fragrances that can be used in a vaporiser or with a carrier oil on your skin.

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Natural perfume oils blends, Patria Flores and Naturalis are beautiful, chemical free alternatives to traditional perfumes. The earthy floral tones of Patria Flores, or the sweet flora zesty tones of Naturalis are best applied to pulse points and a lovely everyday perfume.

Buy natural essential oil perfume hakea botanicals

We love Hakea Botanicals because they love Australia flora as much as we do! Their divine range is premium quality, ethical sourced and Australian made. The Hakea Botanicals Australian Essential Oils range eases stress, nervous tension, mild cold and flu symptoms, or improves concentration and focus and overall well-being. For use in your vaporiser or mixed with a carrier oil for a beautiful, relaxing massage.

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Kalinya Botanicals

Having a deep connection to the Australian bush and our native flora, and a passion for premium quality skincare, we are thrilled to be bringing you Australia’s best native botanicals skincare and wellness products.

Australian native botanicals are recognised as powerful cosmeceuticals that refresh and nourish your skin. Our brands combine dermatological science with wild-harvested and organic ingredients, or traditionally foraged flora made by our beautiful indigenous partners. We have carefully selected like-minded brands that support our love of Australian flora, botanical ingredients, health, wellness, and our environment.

Our brands have blended Australian native plant botanical extracts with natural and organic ingredients, vegan friendly, cruelty free, natural ingredients and are free from added toxins and chemicals.

Beautifully packaged and made in Australia we adore our brands and all that they represent.

We love that ancient formulas used by indigenous Australians, passed down over 60,000 years, combined with the latest scientific developments in modern cosmetics are now easily available and deliver proven results.

We are passionate about Australian flora, and want to share the benefits of Australian native botanicals and inspire you to make the change to, or further embrace Australian made natural skincare and wellness products.