Supporting Yalari – Educating Indigenous Children.

Supporting Yalari Indigenous Children’s education

Between 23-29 January we will be donating 10% of all sales to Yalari – a non profit organisation helping Indigenous children to receive a quality education.

Yalari offers secondary education scholarships at Australia’s leading boarding schools for Indigenous children from remote, rural and regional communities.

Yalari believe education is the key to generational change and a brighter future, and are deeply committed to the ongoing success of their national program of scholarships and post-school opportutunities.

Supporting Yalari Indigenous Children’s education

With the support of donors, sponsors and volunteers, Yalari brings together Indigenous students, their families and schools to provide a quality education in Australia’s leading boarding schools; and then further supports students as they transition from a school environment to higher education, vocational training & employment.


Yalari was founded in 2005 by Indigenous educationalist Waverley Stanley, his wife Llew Mullins and a group of like-minded and generous people.

Waverley Stanley grew up in the town of Murgon, 300 kilometres north-west of Brisbane, and attended Murgon State School. It was at this school where his Grade 7 teacher, Mrs Rosemary Bishop, recognised Waverley’s potential and felt he deserved a chance for a brighter future. Mrs Bishop was instrumental in Waverley gaining a scholarship to attend Toowoomba Grammar School for his high school education. It was this opportunity that started him on the Yalari journey.

Waverley acknowledges his future opportunities and success were shaped by the education he received. In recognition of this opportunity and the desire for Indigenous generational change, Yalari was founded.

Supporting Yalari Indigenous Children’s education

Yalari has 20 partner schools located across seven of Australia’s states and territories. Yalari’s selection process for partner schools is aimed at ensuring students are placed in the care of dedicated education professionals.

Each partner schools has been chosen through their alignment to Yalari’s vision, values and philosophy and with the knowledge that a caring and supporting environment is provided for students.

Additional support is also received from the boarder school community which further assists students to enjoy their boarding school experience.

In 2020, Yalari had 200 students on Yalari scholarships nationally. They also had an alumni group of 380 studying at universities, working or undertaking further training.

If you would like to further support Yalari, by donating directly to support an Indigenous child’s education, visit their website,

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