Why A-Beauty is here to stay

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A-Beauty or Australian beauty, according to Vogue magazine “is the unfussy skincare movement minimalists everywhere have been waiting for. It’s about pared-back routines, simplified formulations and a healthy dose of native Australian ingredients”

When you think of natural skincare you often think of ingredients such as coconut, jojoba, papaya, rose-hip or lavender. The term botanical means a substance obtained from a plant and used typically in medicinal or cosmetics products and this generally means herbs and plant extracts used by many cultures all over the world since ancient times. 

All the while, plant derived natural ingredients found right here in Australia have gone relatively unnoticed and unrecognised for their effectiveness as skincare ingredients by many companies and consumers, until now.

Recent years have seen the emergence of a new found awareness by brands and beauty lovers alike, acknowledging what First Australians have known for 80,000 years -and so the A-beauty movement was created. 

Australian wildflowers            Australian native flowers

Australia native plants survive and thrive in our harsh environment, protecting themselves from extreme conditions. Their ability to adapt over millions of years has produced nutrient rich fruit, flowers and foliage which have been used by Indigenous communities as vitamin packed food sources and treatment of general health and well-being. 

A-Beauty harnesses Australian grown, Australian natural ingredients and has lead a new generation of consumers to look at what’s in their skincare and how Australian native ingredients are more potent, more effective and are readily available, right here on our own shores. 

Our range of Australian made, Australian native botanical skincare brands suit every skin type, contain no chemicals, no fillers, are cruelty free and they are scientifically proven to work. From gorgeous serums through to body wash and sunscreen through to our our very popular Vitamin C Booster with Kakadu Plum & Finger Lime (because beauty starts within) Kalinya Botanicals is Australia’s Best A-beauty online destination.

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Kalinya Botanicals. Australia’s Best native botanical and skincare and wellness brands online.

Potent natural ingredients backed by dermatological science. 

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Kalinya Botanicals

Having a deep connection to the Australian bush and our native flora, and a passion for premium quality skincare, we are thrilled to have partnered with Australia’s best native botanicals skincare and wellness brands to bring your scientifically proven, results driven products that are suitable for the entire family

Australian native botanicals are recognised as powerful cosmeceuticals that refresh and nourish your skin. Our brands combine dermatological science with wild-harvested and organic ingredients, or traditionally foraged flora made by our beautiful indigenous partners. We have carefully selected like-minded brands that support our love of Australian flora, botanical ingredients, health, wellness, and our environment.

Our brands have blended Australian native plant botanical extracts with natural and organic ingredients, vegan friendly, cruelty free, natural ingredients and are free from added toxins and chemicals.

Beautifully packaged and made in Australia we also have a gorgeous range of gift sets that suit every gifting occasion.

Ancient formulas used by First Australians, passed down over 60,000 years from generation to generation are now combined with the latest scientific developments in modern cosmetics – and Australian native fruits, flowers and foliages are recognised by major beauty and wellness companies across the world for their potent results.

We are passionate about Australian flora, our brand mission is to share the benefits of our diverse native botanicals and inspire you to make the change to, or further embrace Australian made natural skincare and wellness products by supporting Australian ingredients made by Australian brands, on Australian shores.